coverThis documentary talks about the making of a scene in Star Wars III. Which last less than a minute, but was produced from an extremely complicated process. It shows how amazing the technologies nowadays are.

Moreover, this documentary change the way I think about CGI in movies. I used to think that CGI is a technology that make the filmmaking process easier. However, now I think it’s only make things more complicated. This documentary really raises the level of my appreciation toward CGI a lot more.

The documentary divided into different sections. Each section described the different responsibility in that department such as the Art , Stunt, Compositing, Score, ILM production, Digital Environment, Practical Model, Motion Control, Cinematography department etc. It’s amazing how many departments are needed to make just a 3 seconds shot.

It all starts with a script written by George Lucas, who is also the director. He describes his idea to the Art department. Then Art department crews will brainstorm and sketch images to show it to the director. The chosen images will be analyzed and make into a rough CGI scene. At the same time the Stunt department will take care of the actors training and movements. After rough CGI scene is completed. The parts that the

actors interact with will be build into a real model, painted in green screen. After that it will be shot with a real actor on it. The footages then will be composted with the CGI environments. The score then added as a final process.

star-wars-episode-3-2800These processes sound very easy but indeed consume a lot of time and effort to achieve. This documentary helps me to understand more about special effects that were a myth for me.


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