Howard Hawks

Howard Hawks (1896-1977)


He was a film director, producer, and screenwriter. He directed wide range of film genres such as comedy, drama, gangster, science fiction, film noir, western and musical. His films always involved strong female lead characters, which represented the idea of feminism. Those female characters in his film introduced the Hawksian woman archetype for the post-modern society. It was considered a prototype for the modern feminism. His film style usually included natural/conversational dialogue, male friendship, sexual role switching and nicknames. He usually used a fast, overlapping dialogue to create a natural/conversational like dialogue. He usually told his stories by using a group of male as lead characters to emphasize the male friendship. He often made his male character to fall into situations where they have to wear female costumes of act like female. Or the female characters have to be tough like male. Lastly, he often had his characters to nickname each others to build the relationship between characters.

His memorable films are



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