John Carpenter

John Carpenter (1948)


He is honored as ‘The Master of Horror Films’. He is a film director, composer, producer, screenwriter, actor and editor. He specializes in horror and science fiction film genres. His film style is famous for the use of minimalist lighting and cinematography, the use of steadicam, the blocking and unique music scores that mostly was composed by him. He also loves to shoot his films in widescreen and all of his films was shot in anamorphic with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Many of his works are influenced by the directors Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock, Nigel Kneale. His works are successful in both commercially and non-commercially. His biggest commercially successful works is Halloween (1978). He made a lot of successful memorable low budget films such as Halloween (1978), Prince of Darkness (1987), The Thing (1982) and Dark Star (1974).



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