Roberto Rossellini

Roberto Rossellini
He was born on 8 May 1906, Rome, Italy. He was in Italian film director. His first feature film was White Ship (1941). He was in World War II. During the war he made Open City (1945), a war documentary about the anti-fascist activities. He collaborated with Federico Fellini to make Paisan (1946). He made many film with the same cast Ingrid Bergman such as Stromboli (1949). He developed a relationship with her and eventually the became an affair that later damage their career. He later directed Rovere (1959). He also directed stage and television such as a series of didactic historical works. His daughter appears in his films as well. For examples, Blue Velvet (1986) and Big Night (1996).
His interesting films
1942: The White Ship
1950: Stromboli
1961: Vanina Vanini
1974: Year One

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