Script – Final draft


EMMELINE sits at a bench located on the side of a small road. The road is made of DIRT AND rocks mixing with colorful marbles. A small streetlight illuminates the place, leaves the area around them in total darkness. There are millions of stars in the sky. They can see a red-blood half moon on their left side.

Emmeline sits at her right side of the bench. She wears white shirt, white trousers, shoeless.

She counts the stars with her finger. The stars blink each time she counts them.

RICHARD walks in circles, thinking. He wears white shirt with red tie, grey trousers and leather shoes. He walks in her way as she counts the stars. She avoids him.

She mouths the numbers INAUDIBLY as she counts. When she reaches one thousand, she stops counting.

She picks up A GREEN MARBLE around that area, closes her eyes, prays. She grabs a small wooden box placing underneath the bench, opens it.

In the box, there is a folded brown paper. She unfolds it. It is full of other COLORFUL MARBLES. She gently puts the GREEN MARBLE in the paper with other marbles.

Emmeline nudges Richard to see the marbles. Richard glances at them once, ignores her. She closes the box, shakes it close to her ear. She continues counting the stars.

Richard sits, takes out his lucky COIN from the necklet.

He looks at both sides of THE COIN. One side is RED and the other side is GREEN.

He compares the size of THE COIL to the moon.

He closes his eyes. He flips the coil in the air. He slowly reveals the side the coil. It’s RED.

He looks disappointed.

He flips the coil again. It’s also RED.

He looks more disappointed.

He flips it again and also RED. He flips it again and again and they all come out RED.

He screams to the moon INAUDIBLY, throws the coil away. He sits still for a while before running out to get the coil back.

Emmeline watches him run out to the dark. She slowly gets up, follows him.


Emmeline and Richard sit at the left side of the bench. Emmeline rests her head on his shoulder. He brings his knees up to his chest, sweats, holding THE EMPTY NECKLET tight.


Emmeline and Richard sit apart at each side again. Richard turns his back to Emmeline. He seems calm. He looks at the moon absent-mindedly.

Emmeline plays with a UFO toy. She swings it around the sky across the moon like a child. She makes SOUND as she plays it. Richard turns back, takes the toy away from her, SIGNS her to be quite, looks around the sky.

Emmeline sits still, looks a little bit upset. Richard grabs the toy up, plays with it, points it to the moon.

‘CLAIR DE LUNE’ plays. Emmeline looks up at the sky, notices the change, turns to look at the moon.

The moon is slowly changed its color from red-blood to yellow. The colorful Milky Way appears on the sky.

Emmeline gapes as she looks at it. Richard looks at the sky, surprised.

Emmeline gets up, grabs the wooden box, walks out into the dark, comes back with a Vespa motorcycle, wait for Richard.

Richard hesitates. Emmeline nods to Richard, signs him to come. Emmeline walks to him, grabs his hand.

Richard slowly pulls his hand out, shakes his head.

Emmeline hands the key to him. He refuses to take it. He turns around, walks away.



What are you waiting for?

Emmeline covers her mouth with her hands. Richard looks shocked. They look at the sky. The Milky Way and the moon slowly disappear.




Richard walks back to Emmeline, wipes the wooden box on her hand on the floor. The small marbles in the box spread on the floor, mixing with the other marbles.

Richard walks back to sit at the bench, holds his head. Emmeline walks toward him. He flicks the toy at her.

She picks up the toy, places it on the other side of the chair. She picks up the wooden box, tries to collect the marbles back but they are all mixed up. She gives up. She holds the box in her arm tightly, walks away to the darkness.

As time passes, Emmeline hasn’t come back. Richard starts to worry. He starts walking around the area waiting for her. He decides to go out to find her.

Richard walks back, very tired. He cannot find her. He sits, loosens his tie, looks at the other empty side of the bench with the toy on it.

The stars on the sky blink stimulatingly. Richard lies on the bench, counting the stars. He grabs a marble from the ground, closes his eyes. There is no sign of Emmeline.


Richard sits at the bench, wearing a tank top, pants rolled up, shoeless.

‘Clair de Lune’ plays once again. The moon and the Milky Way appear back on. Richard sits still, emotionless.

He notices something on his right, slowly stands up.

Emmeline walks in from the dark area, looks very excited. She points at the moon to sign him that the moon is back. She turns back, looks around the sky.

Richard rushes to Emmeline. He holds her tightly from behind. She looks surprised. He holds her like he never let her go again.


I’m sorry.

Emmeline signs him to be quite.

The yellow half moon turns to a dark-green full moon.


Richard starts the engine, looks at Emmeline. She nods, holds him tight, plays with a MARBLE in her hand.

He rides the Vespa away toward to moon.

The toy and the wooden box are left at the bench.

– END –


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