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Kon Ichikawa

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Kon Ichikawa

He was born on 20 November 1915, Mie, Japan. He began his early career as a cartoonist. He has been influenced by Walt Disney and Jean Renoir. His films often contained the wide range of mood from comic to ironic or even perverse. He loves using widescreen and sharp pattern in his composition. He was a great visual stylist and a perfectionist.

He had a chance to work in the west when his film Biruma no tategoto (1956) won the San Giorgio Prize in 1956 Venice Film Festival. Later he did some documentary and thriller genre such as Tôkyô orimpikku (1965) and Ana (1957). He likes to mix the comedy and tragedy

His famous films are

Biruma no tategoto (1956)

Tôkyô orimpikku (1965)

Taiheiyo hitori-botchi (1963)

Nobi (1959)