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Louis Malle

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Louis Malle

He was born on 30 October 1932, Thumeries, Nord, France.  At first, his parent don’t want him to study film but they later allowed him to study in the Institute of Advance Cinematographic Studied in Paris. He worked as a camera operator be the underwater explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Cousteau soon promoted him to be the co-director of Le monde du silence (1956). His next film Les amants (1958), caused major controversy because of its strong sexual content, result in the theater owner was fined $2500. He later went to America and made Pretty Baby (1978), a story about a sexual abuse in a child, starring Brooke Shields. His next American film Atlantic City (1980) indicated how he was fascinated about the sea world.

His interesting films are

Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (1958)

Vie privée (1962)

Lacombe Lucien (1974)

Au revoir, les enfants (1987)