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Mother (2009)

Posted in Film Criticism Class, Mother (2009) on July 12, 2010 by Kanpoj K.

Mother (2009)

Directed by Joon-ho Bong

This is a Korean film with a stunning performance by Hye-ja Kim. She got the best actress from this film. The script was very well written. The film drives by the guilt that the mother has. And later, it shows what a mother can do for her son.

The film starts with an over-protective mother who has a retarded son. The son hangs out with a bad friend who always gets him into trouble. The mother never blames him and rather spoils him. It later reveals that the reason of the over-protective behavior comes from the guilt that she has. She tried to murder him and committed suicide when he was young. But it was fail. The poison that she gave him damages his brain and that is the reason why he is retarded.

The beginning of the film suggests that this film is going to be just another ordinary Korean drama. However, after the son is arrested. The film then slowly changes to a mysterious, psychological thriller. The mother begins to lose her mind and lives between reality and hallucination. For example, when the mother walks into the girl’s funeral. One of the people in the funeral she saw is actually the dead girl.

The mother doesn’t believe that her son would have an intention to kill anyone. Which is true. The son does kill the girl, but by accident. She tries everyway to prove that her son is not guilty. But when she finds out the truth, she helps him anyways. She even kills the old man to save her son. And then she becomes the guiltier one. The story goes deeper and deeper with more guilt. She once asks the boy who is a scapegoat if he has a mother or not. The answer is no. He doesn’t even have a mother to help him like she does for her son. After all the sin that she makes, she decided to forget everything so that she can move on with her life.

The film begins with an old lady (The mother) slowly walk into the field full of flowers. She stops in front of the camera and dance. I watched it and I felt that this character must be crazy. It even looks funny to me.  Later on, the same shot appears again almost at the end of the film. This time it comes with all my sympathy for the character. This time I go “wow”. I didn’t know how I get from that point to this point, but it does make sense.